• AIO Vape Kits

    AIOs (all in one) are some of the easiest vapes to operate outside of pod mods. While they have many similarities to other types of starter kits, AIOs come with the added benefit of replaceable coils and the option of using your own vape juice instead of pre-filled cartridges.

  • Vape Pens

    Vape pen starter kits, a classic type of vape kits, feature cylindrical pen-style designs. They are stylish, compact, and easy to transport, delivering a large vapour cloud for a satisfying vaping experience. For new vapers, vape pens are a great transition to vaping. For experienced vapers who are used to vaping mod kits or vapers that are always on the go, vape pens are an excellent backup. Each vaporizer pen often comes with a vaporizer tank, battery, and charger. Powered by a built-in battery, the vape pens are activated by pressing the fire button which in turn heats the coil element and creates the vapour.

    Nowadays, vape pen kits are becoming more popular with increased convenience with powerful batteries and compatible with a wide variety of vape juice flavours. Due to their shape, MTL devices are more compact, while DL vaping pens are thicker to accommodate sub-ohm tanks. But no matter which way you go, vape pen starter kits are priceless. At LSVape, we offer a large number of vape pens, catering to both mouth-to-lung and direct-to-lung style vapers.

  • Mods Vape
  • eGo Ecig
  • POD E Cigs

    Electronic cigarettes of small size, practical, manageable and easy to operate. Ideal for E Liquids 50/50 PG/VG and  Nic salts

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