How much does it cost to vape in Ireland?

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When a smoker changes the conventional cigarette for vaping, one would usually asks the same thing, how much does it cost to vape? Is vaping cheaper than smoking? Is it worth the change? These questions are usually due to the price and taxes that each year increase the cost of smoking or that vaping is considered instead of smoking.

In this post, we are going to break down the price of vaping to better understand the cost of vaping and help you make the best choice for you.

To vape, you need an electronic cigarette and vape juices. Let’s look at these two terms separately.

How much does an electronic cigarette cost (and its maintenance)?

Vaping products have been growing and adapting to the market for over ten years and in a reasonably short period, the impact has been enormous. Today, we have an immense variety of manufacturers, styles, characteristics and qualities that make the price of an electronic cigarette vary between 5 euros and over 300 euros, however for those who want to vape, an electronic cigarette will not be worth more than €40/50. Next, we explain the different options available.

  • The standard ecig better known as eGo e-cigs are by definition the simplest and cheapest electronic cigarette on the market with the basic needs for vaping conventional e-juices. EGO Starter kits do not exceed €20.
  • Vape penAIO kits and Pods are commonly used by most vapers, ideal for those new to vaping as well as those who have been vaping for years. With much more battery and capacity to vape and an affordable price. Its value ranges between €30 and €40.
  • Vape mods. These electronic cigarettes stand out for their characteristics and power. Capable of vaping by adjusting values such as temperature or power. The most experienced vapers will adjust these electronic cigarettes to their needs and to the wide variety of types of vape juices that are in the vaping market.
  • High-end and mechanics. These vapers are a world apart and are intended for those who want to enjoy the vaping experience to the fullest, even used for vaping tournaments. Its price exceeds €100.

Once you have chosen the electronic cigarette with which you want to vape, you have to know three factors for its maintenance. The battery, the coils and the tanks. 

vape batteries


The battery of an ecig is something to worry about after the first year of use. It is normal that its battery life wears out during use and how you use it (as if it were a smartphone battery, the more times you charge it and discharge its capacity will be reduced over time) and it is more than likely that after a while you will want to replace it. 

Normally, only vape mods or high-end box mods have the facility to exchange batteries. For electronic cigarettes with built-in battery, you will have to replace the base of the electronic cigarette (also called a battery) separately. When you go to buy your vape kit, look at the price of the replacement of your battery. For an eGo, the price of the battery does not exceed €10, however, for a Vape Pen or AIO Kits the battery can exceed €20/30 depending on the brand.

Vape Coils


The coils of an electronic cigarette are responsible for heating the electronic liquid to vape. Over time, the coils wear out and lose their properties (IN THIS ARTICLE WE EXPLAIN HOW TO PERFORM A CORRECT MAINTENANCE OF YOUR COILS). Normally, the coil of your electronic cigarette should be changed every 20 – 30 days, but it depends on both the use and the manufacturer. Most of the electronic cigarettes are prepared to exchange the coils, except for some models and the eGo. In eGo electronic cigarettes you change the tank or clearomizer and its price varies between 5 and 8 euros. For the rest of the coils, the price depends on the manufacturer, a coil costs approximately between 2.5 and 5 euros.

Vape tanks


The tank or clearomizer is not a part of the electronic cigarette that wears out with use like batteries or coils, but they are not indestructible! Dropping it can break them or you simply want to change the colour  to give it your own style. It is a part of the electronic cigarette that you will rarely change every year or year and a half for electronic cigarettes with interchangeable coils. For eGo electronic cigarettes, the clearomizers are changed every month-month and a half as you would with a coil. For the rest of the tanks the price ranges between 12 and 25 euros.

With all this information we already have an approximate value of how much an electronic cigarette costs and its maintenance according to your level of vaping, being like this:

  • For an eGo e-cig (Amateur and standard level): €19.99 for the Kit, maintenance for two years would mean a battery change and 15 clearomizer exchanges, the cost of which would be €10 for the battery and €5 for each clearomizer (€80). Approximately €105 over two years, €2.5 per month.
  • For a Vape Pen or AIO (amateur and standard level): €30 for the Kit. A replacement tank (€12), battery (€20) and 15 coil changes (€17). €79 in two years, €3.30 per month.
  • For an Advanced electronic cigarette or vape mod (Standard and advanced level): Kit €45-50. A tank change €12–20. And 15 coil replacements for €45. €102-€115 in two years, €4.25-4.80 per month.

In short, and with all the options broken down, you already know, depending on your style or level of vaping, how much an electronic cigarette costs and its maintenance for two years.

How much does the electronic liquid cost and how much would you consume per month?

How much does the electronic liquid cost and how much would you consume per month?

This point of the price analysis to know how much vaper costs is much simpler. The individual price of a bottle of e-liquid regardless of quantity is €4.5. However, it is difficult to know how much e-liquid you would use each day. There are too many factors depending on how much you smoke and how much power your electronic cigarette has (more power means more intensity during the puff and the amount of cloud generated).

Below is a small guide to better understand the equivalence of nicotine in e-juice bottles, depending on how much you smoke.

  • 20mg for smokers who are coming off 30-40 cigarettes a day.
  • 18mg for smokers who are coming off 20 - 30 cigarettes a day.
  • 12mg for smokers who are coming off 10 - 20 cigarettes a day.
  • 6mg for smokers who are coming off 5 - 10 cigarettes a day.
  • 0mg is ideal for smokers who no longer need or want a nicotine hit.

Because of the preferences of our clients, we can consider that a vaper consumes between 2ml and 6ml per day. Our e-liquid bottles contain an amount of vape juice of 10 ml, so each month and depending on how much you vape, you may need between 12 and 45 bottles of e-liquid, which is €35 to €105 per month in e-liquids. 

How much would it cost you to vape and maintain your electronic cigarette?

Now that we have explained each part of the electronic cigarette, its maintenance and how much e-liquids would cost, we can conclude that:

The price for acquiring an electronic cigarette and keeping it for 2 years depending on the style of electronic cigarette is: €2.5 - €4.8 each month. The price for vaping vape juices for two years depending on how much you vape is: €35 - €105 each month.

The total cost of vaping for two years would be €37.5 - €109.8 each month. (Depending on how much you vape and what electronic cigarette you would use).

As we have said, everything will depend on the experience you are looking for, you may start with a more expensive device or the liquids you use are less. That is where the numbers come in.

If you are new, do not forget to see our guide to vaping, and we hope that we have clarified questions you have about how much it costs to vape. Remember that you can comment on this post with questions you have or use our contact form.

Happy vaping!

Marketing Team – LSVape


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