Top 10 Tips for Flying with E-Liquids

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Do you have a trip by airplane soon? Do you know how electronic cigarettes and e-liquids are regulated in airports and airplanes? Do you want to avoid unfortunate encounters at security control? Check out these tips!

Let’s face it, for many of us, flying by plane is always an experience or more accurately, it’s a hassle. You must get to the airport a few hours before you fly meaning you spend a lot of time in overpriced restaurants and cafes. And if you have kids then prepare to lose your sanity trying to keep them occupied. 

The other hassle is the dreaded security check! You have to take off your shoes, belts, watches, mobiles, purses and wallets. 

But as a vaper, you may be wondering where do you fit into this? Well, the answer is your e-liquid and e-cigarette/mod are security and safety concerns. If you get it wrong or fail to plan ahead you may end up having a disastrous trip. Nobody wants that, especially us. So, we at have compiled this handy Top Ten Tips for Flying with E-Liquids to make things easier for you on your travels. Take a look at these tips!

1.- Vaping in the Airport is Not Permitted

Vaping is totally prohibited in airports but it may be possible to vape in the airport smoking area. If you are going to be waiting a long time for your flight it will be good to know beforehand if the airport has a smoking area so you can vape without any problems.  We recommend searching online for information about smoking areas at the airport before you travel.  If you forget you can always ask at airport information kiosks to see if you can vape there.

2.- Vaping on Airplanes is Not Permitted.

It used to be the case that you could vape on aeroplanes (remember vaping is still relatively new) but laws and regulations have changed meaning it is now prohibited to vape on aeroplanes.

3.- Batteries of Electronic Cigarettes Always in the Cabin.

If you have luggage when you fly, you must take the batteries in the cabin with you.  For safety reasons, the batteries can not go in the aircraft hold, especially if we talk about 18650 batteries or batteries that exceed 1000 mAh.  Do not risk it, take the battery with you to avoid having any problems.

4.- Keep the mod with You Always

Did you know that when you check in your luggage that the journey from the checkout area to the aeroplane's cargo hold can mean a few bumps and knocks for the suitcase as it’s transported from one area to another… It's an odyssey! 

We recommend that you take the Mod with you (even more important if you have an electronic mod) to avoid unpleasant surprises (i.e. leaks!) when you open your suitcase.  LSvapes E-liquid is best vaped but the worst for refreshing smell on your clothes:) Also, remember the advice 3. No batteries for electronic cigarettes in baggage.

5.-  The Clearomizer Must Goes in the Regulatory Liquids Bag.

Clearomizer, tank, atomizer… all must go inside the bag.  This is because they may still have e-liquid, and security control will tell you that it must be in their corresponding bag.  If you know in advance, remove the tank from the mod and thus occupy less space. Sorry for the AIO kits, they must go whole in the bag of liquids.

6.- Use original bottles

We recommend that you do not take out the E-liquid and put it in a larger bottle for your use.  If you are stopped at security control and they request o check the e-liquid, it is always advisable (and better) to be able to show them the original bottle with the original label and its ingredients.  

If you use the original E-liquid bottles you will save yourself a lot of time trying to explain to security what’s in the bottle.

7.- Put E-liquids in Your Carry On Liquids Bag.

In case you had not thought of it before, all your e-liquids will have to go in the regulatory clear bag of liquids before you board your flight.  Remember that it is a small bag and you will already have to put your perfume, deodorant and other toiletries.  Prepare well, because you will not have much space.  

Also, remember that every single bottle can not exceed 100ml and that the sum of all your liquids that you carry can not exceed 1l. 

8.- Put Your Mod in the Tray.

If you use advanced Mods you will have to leave them on the tray to pass the security control as if it were a cell phone or a laptop. It is true that not all have electronics, but we recommend showing them, in any case, to save time and avoid unforeseen and awkward delays.

9.- Is it legal to Vape in Your Destination Country?

Quite so!  When you are travelling to other countries with your electronic cigarette (especially if it is outside Europe), it is advisable to check that it is indeed legal to vape in your destination country.

In Singapore, for example, it is illegal to consume or acquire vaping products, whether electronic cigars or E-liquids, included in the same law that prohibits smoking tobacco in that country, with a fine of up to 2000 dollars.  Before you go check the laws of that country. 

Check out the following article if you have been interested in this.

10.- Remember It’s Always Good to Ask and Learn.

The world of electronic cigarettes and E-Liquids is relatively new, which is why the laws that control their use change quickly.

We advise you get informed about it, both of the airline that you are going to travel, as well as the country where you are going.

So to summarize.  It’s not permitted to vape in airports unless allowed in an authorized smoking area.  You definitely will not be allowed to vape on the aeroplane.  Batteries, e-liquids, mods, clearomizers and tanks go in your carry-on.  Mods go in the electronics bin for X-raying with other electronics and the rest goes in the clear travel bag.  Remember to keep the e-liquid in its original container and check that the country that you are travelling to allows vaping.

We hope that these tips have removed any doubts about vaping when you are travelling by plane.  Have left some advice?  If so please leave your tips in the comments below.

Happy vaping!

Marketing Team – LSVape


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