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Vape Coil, also called an atomizer head, is the heart of an atomizer. With coils, vaporization tanks can serve as a delivery mechanism to produce a large amount of steam. A vape coil converts the energy from the vape mod and heats the coil inside, this then vaporizes the vape juice that is soaked into the absorbent material, which you then inhale.
The atomizer head consists of three parts: body, coil and absorbent material. When you press the fire button, it will provide power to the coil and then convert the energy to heat, vaporizing the e-liquid into a vapour cloud.

The coil resistance can be adjusted based on the number of turns of the cable. An atomizer head with a resistance greater than 1.0 ohm is often used at lower power and is more suitable for flavour lovers. A spray head with a resistance less than 1.0 ohms is generally known as a "sub-ohm" and can produce a large vapour cloud with a powerful output.