Liquid Solutions FAQ

Who are we?

Liquid Solutions Manufacturing Worldwide Ltd is an Irish  company, which specialises in the supply and sale of vaping devices, e-juice, or e-liquid, both nationally and internationally.

So what is 'Vaping'?

Vaping is the common term used by individuals who use vaping devices as a  alternative to smoking traditional cigarettes. In vaping, e-ejuice (also known as e-liquid) is vaporized by a heating element in an electronic cigarette. The vapour is inhaled and then exhaled just like smoking a regular cigarette, but it does not contain all of the chemicals that regular tobacco cigarettes contain when smoked.

How can I buy products on the Website?

Simply Create an Account and then add any items you wish to purchase to your cart.

How long will it take for my order to be delivered?

Orders are "shipped" on a daily basis with DPD, so please allow 2-3 days excluding weekends to receive your order if based in Ireland. For UK or European based customers please allow up to 7 days for delivery.

Our rates for delivery are €3.40 within Ireland, €5.00 to UK.

I'm a new customer. What do I need to start with?

A Starter Kit is highly recommended if you have made the decision to either try to quit or cut down on your cigarette consumption. A Starter Kit includes everything you need to get going with the exception of the E-Juice which needs to be purchased separately.

What "strength" MG of E-Liquid should I order?

20mg is recommended for smokers who are coming off 30-40 cigarettes a day
18mg is recommended for smokers who are coming off 20 - 30 cigarettes a day
12mg is recommended for smokers who are coming off 10 - 20 cigarettes a day
6mg is recommended for smokers who are coming off 5 - 10 cigarettes a day
0mg is ideal for smokers who no longer need or want a nicotine hit.

Why Should I use

We are an Irish based business and all our E-juices are made in Ireland and manufactured to best manufacturing practices. We also pride ourselves in our fast, efficient and friendly customer service.

What Ingredients are used in E-Liquid?

E-juice contains only a few ingredients.


If your question has not been sufficiently answered above please feel free to contact Customer Support and we will do our best to assist.